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Turkish Conference Interpreter | Turkish Interpreter Services

Our team of qualified Turkish Translators, Turkish Conference Interpreters / Turkish Interpreters are experienced in EU matters, pharmaceuticals, international law, trade unions and labour relations as well as fashion and IT. They are also trained to provide long consecutive with notes, whispered interpreting and simultaneous interpreting (in a booth).



Photo Cihan S Celik: professional Turkish Translator, Turkish Interpreter and Turkish Conference Interpreter offering Turkish Translation Services and Turkish Interpreting Services CIHAN | Why Choose Me?

You need to choose me for excellent and error-free final output with my following professional experience and skills: Over two decades of advanced Turkish translation services/ transcreation experience from Turkish to English and English to Turkish; Swift, accurate and outstanding in SEO- and content-writing, proofreading, editing and news-writing and reporting both in Turkish and English.

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-Powerful Turkish linguistic skills and a solid technical background for Turkish translation services/transcreation and search engine optimisation tasks as well as localization of Marketing Materials, Manuals, App and Software Descriptions and Content, Web Pages, Social Media Promotion Contents etc.
– Guaranteed final outcome for Turkish Translation and editing HTML, XML and other script files with using translation software suites, such as Trados Studio 2015 and XBench.
– Vastly familiar with CAT tools, mainly Trados Studio, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and other format files as well as InDesign and QuarkXPress.
– Regular contributor to websites, blogs and print publications with various themes, including food and restaurant, social media, lifestyle, networking, sports, marketing, career building etc. as both Turkish translator and content writer.
– Highly qualified in SEO- and technical-writing as well as management of social media tools.
– Expert in Turkish subtitle translation services and editing proven during past assignments, including Turkish translation services for TV series and movies as well as festival films.
– Extremely experienced Turkish Translator in daily reporting and writing assignments and a critical eye for newsworthy events on issues regarding international and regional politics and economics.
– Great knowledge for styles of leading news agencies and newspapers, such as AP, Reuters, the Guardian, the New York Times for news-writing assignments.
– A PhD candidate studying on a comparative academic paper on conventional and social media[

About me

Summarising my professional experience, I have worked at both Turkish- and English-language publications in Turkey for over nearly two decades as a senior Turkish translator/transcreator, proofreader, localisation professional, SEO- and content-writer as well as copy- and lead-editor while also spending a total of 10 years in managing positions.

Over the course of my career, I have nourished my Turkish Translation services and technical skills to the advanced level both in Turkish and English for Turkish translation/transcreation, proofreading and editing assignments as well as localisation and search optimisation and also content- and SEO-writing tasks. Turkish, my mother tongue, is the language I learned at birth and my language skills for Turkish and English have been elevated to a perfect degree during my professional past as well as my ongoing higher academic education.

As a professional Turkish interpreter and Turkish translator, localisation expert, SEO- and content-writer, I am also familiar with producing contents based on the criteria the client asked for and also on my own expertise featuring a solid linguistic background for Turkish translation services/transcreation and localisation of Marketing Materials, Manuals, Website, App and Software Descriptions and Contents, Mobile and Video Games, etc.

– Having demonstrated outstanding communication skills at the busy working environment, I have gained the ability to meet critical deadlines while still being adaptable, flexible and reliable for best quality outcome.

– My understanding of professionalism requires me to possess abilities to give prompt replies meeting the needs of the prospective client as well as to be available at any time both during the day and the week.

– Besides from my Turkish Interpreting Services / Turkish Translation services, I have also nourished reporting and journalistic skills based on the publication experiences, including magazines and daily publications, with assignments, including Turkish translation Services, proofreading, editing and DTP.

My Education as Turkish Translator, Turkish Interpreter and Turkish Conference Interpreter

MA in Economics
BA in Communication Studies, I have specialised as a Turkish Translator in the Business and Economics field.
Ph.D in Media & Journalism and Linguistic Studies, qualified Turkish Linguist / Turkish Translator
05/13 – 05/13 European University Institute (EUI), Florence. – Summer School for Journalist and Media Practitioners
12/12 – 11/13 Motiva International, Istanbul. – Executive Coaching Program.
04/13 – 04/13 Masters Training International, Istanbul. – Management Program

Services I offer as Turkish Translator, Turkish Interpreter and Turkish Conference Interpreter

Turkish Translation Services-Transcreation, Turkish Translation Services: Localization, Turkish Translation Services in the SEO- & Content-Writing field, Turkish Translation Services (Proofreading), Turkish Translation Services (Editing), Turkish Translation Services (Post-Editing), Keyword Research, News-Writing, Turkish Translation Services of Academic Writings in working fields of  Finance & Business  or Online Marketing & Advertising, Turkish Translation Services (Localisation) , Turkish Translator in the Legal sector, Journalism – Turkish Translator in New Media arena, Turkish Translator of IT documents, Turkish Translator in the  Medical & Medicine fields, Turkish Translation Services in the Cosmetics arena, Turkish Translator for Entertainment & Media agencies, Turkish Translation Services of Games, Gaming & Casino, Turkish Translator in the Food & Restaurant sector, Turkish Translator in the Travel Industry, Turkish Translator for the Government, Turkish Translation Services in the Defense & Military industry , Web Research, Turkish Translation of Sports materials, Turkish Translator in the International Politics & Diplomacy arena
See Turkish Conference Interpreting section
Page Design (Both offline and online)
Face-to-Face Interviewing
Project Management
Language Coordinator

Turkish Interpreter and Translation fields I specialise in

Turkish Conference Interpreter, Turkish Business Interpreter, Turkish Translation-Transcreation, Turkish Translator (Localisation), SEO- & Content-Writing, Turkish Translator (Proofreading Services), Turkish Translator (Editing Services), Post-Editing, Keyword Research, News-Writing,
* Finance & Business * Online Marketing & Advertising * Localisation * Legal * Journalism – New Media * IT * Medical & Medicine * Cosmetics * Entertainment & Media * Games, Gaming & Casino * Food & Restaurant * Travel * Government, Defense & Military * Web Research * Sports * International Politics & Diplomacy

Professional Affiliations To Translator and Interpreting bodies

Çev-Bir (Turkish Translators’ Association)

Reviews about my Turkish Interpreter and Turkish Conference Interpreter services

Relationship: outsourcer
SCihan was really helpful and professional. The communication was really easy and the delivered translation met the requirements I gave him. I will be happy to work with him again!

Georg Weiss, MIR Technical Translations
Relationship: outsourcer
SCihan Celik is a top notch translator and proofreader English-Turkish. I entrusted him multiple very sensitive and important Projects, and he was top responsive, communicative, worked alone and in team highly dedicated and professional. 100% recommending for EN-TR (General, Technical, App) Business/Industry

Enago / Crimson Interactive
Relationship: outsourcer
SCihan is quite a skilled professional who is always prompt in translation and delivers content just as expected. He implements any feedback immediately and is quite reliable.

Maja Ignjatovic / Project Manager, Peaksel
Relationship: outsourcer
Cihan is very responsible and hard working. Also he is always efficient and does all his tasks on time! I would recommend him to all employers who need his skills!

Igor Tenyuta, Travel All Russia
Relationship: outsourcer
Cihan proved to be very professional to work with: punctual, prompt to reply and attentive to details. We will definitely use his services again

Lisa-Scholter: Experienced Turkish Translator, Turkish Interpreter and Turkish conference Interpreter. Lisa offers Turkish Translation Services and Turkish Interpreting ServicesLISA | Why Choose Me?

I am a British citizen who has periodically lived and worked in Turkey for almost 20 years (although I have never relinquished my domicile of England and Wales) during which time I have become fluent in the Turkish language and familiar with the culture of that country. In connection with this, I studied at Manchester University, and attained a Master’s in Translation Studies this year.

I have worked for the British Council (representing New College Nottingham) at the British Education Fair in Istanbul in the years 1997, 1999, and 2001, where my easy rapport with Turkish students was of great help in discussing British university options with them.  Having lived and worked in many cultures around the globe I well recognise the value of, and practice a commitment to, issues of diversity.

I have an abiding interest in Turkish and other Near and Middle Eastern films and have an easy and relaxed understanding of same.  I studied audio/visual translation, transcription, and subtitling as part of my Master’s degree, and am comfortable with viewing a huge quantity of material in all media.

About me

Professional Turkish linguist with more than 10 years of experience. Turkish Translator and teacher.

Turkish Translation experience:

Certified Turkish translation services of official documents:
– birth/marriage/divorce certificates
– diplomas, transcripts & references
– legal/medical/insurance documents
Turkish Interpreting experience
I have worked for the British Council at the British Education Fair in Istanbul in the years 1997, 1999, and 2001.

Teaching experience
Teaching at a variety of leading colleges and universities both in the UK and abroad
– Nottingham New College
– Istanbul Technical University
– Ozyegin University

BA (HONS) Humanities
Certificate Turkish
Advanced Diploma (Turkish)
MA in Translation Studies
Beginning Community Interpreting Course (September 2016)

I think that the clients being happy with my work is the most important thing. Therefore, I deliver this to the highest quality. Gaining trust is important, but maintaining it is just as important, and being consistent in the quality of the translation builds and keeps that trust.

I always work with a sense of urgency. I stick to the deadlines given and if possible, I try to deliver them earlier. If I feel I cannot meet the deadline, I would rather not take on the job than to deliver something that I cannot give my all to because it is a “rush job”.

Respect and building good relationships with my clients are also part of my value system. After all, this is the key to a successful business. When I am dealing with my clients regarding jobs I am working on, I treat them in a respectful and friendly manner. In this way, I gain their respect and they feel I am approachable and always want to work with me again.

All in all, delivering the highest quality Turkish Interpreting Services and translations, on time, and effective communication with the teams I work with are the things that I value the most.

My Education as Turkish Interpreter and Turkish Conference Interpreter

I have a Masters in Translation from the University of Manchester, Manchester, UK. The title of my thesis was: Turkish Films: Cultural Bound Problems. In this thesis, my focus was to examine, in detail, the inter-linguist cultural-bound problems that pose as a potential challenge for translators of Turkish into English.

To prepare me for my career in the Turkish Language, I obtained a Higher Diploma, University of Ankara, Ankara, Turkey,
which entailed completing an advanced Turkish programme, which allowed for reading/understanding of complex materials, and speaking fluent Turkish. Prior to this course, I also obtained a Turkish Language Certificate 2, from the Tömer Language School in Istanbul, Turkey. I completed an Intermediate programme which included reading/understanding authentic materials /speaking more confidently. I am a qualified Turkish linguist.

In regard to other language related courses, I successfully completed a University of Cambridge, England CELTA
(Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) in Nottingham, UK. This internationally recognised teaching qualification involves the principles of effective teaching/range of practical teaching skills, language awareness, planning, teaching, evaluation and assessment.

I also have Bachelor of Arts Degree from Nottingham Trent University, UK. In this degree my focus was mainly concentrated on English/American literature, and linguistics.

I am committed to continuous development, and am always striving forward with my Turkish language skills. I have not only completed many courses from prestiges universities, but also have weekly Turkish classes to improve my Turkish language skills. I also do a lot of independent study, which includes watching TV in Turkish, and reading Turkish newspapers.

This month I will also begin a Community Interpreting Course with the British Institute of Chartered Linguistics. After successful completion of this qualification, I hope to move on to begin the Diploma in Interpreting.

I also successfully completed a Professional Proof Reading and Editing Course from Maple Academy, London, UK, March 2011- August 2011.

Services I offer as Turkish Interpreter and Turkish Conference Interpreter

Turkish Interpreting services / Turkish Conference Interpreting services
I offer translation services in a variety of fields such as translating adverts from Turkish and English from TV, banners, and print records. The skills necessary for the aforementioned is the ability to be aware of the target culture, and adapt the translations to fit the local market.
I provide Turkish/English translation services for written documents for a variety of Art and Culture magazines. An interest in film is paramount when doing these translations.
I translate marketing materials from Turkish into English. This again needs a solid knowledge of the target culture.
I translate legal Turkish/English documents, which means an extensive knowledge of legal terms both in the source and target languages. In terms of other legal documents, I provide Turkish/English translations for (birth/marriage certificates, and Turkish identity documents). Because of intralingual culture-bound challenges, a grounded knowledge of equivalance of governmental institutions etc. is paramount.
I transcribe interview recordings from Turkish to English, and from English to English, which I use my expert listening skills for. I also will extend my services to intrepreting after November.
I am also an experienced editor and proofreader, which mainly involves the checking of academic papers for publication.
I focused on subtitling at university, and would like to pursue this more extensively. I think subtitling needs a special type of skill as there are technical restrictions because of words per line etc. In order to carry out successful subtitling one needs a very extensive knowledge of one’s one native language in order to counteract some of these restrictions; for example, using different grammar/vocabulary etc., and omitting, but making sure the rendering of meaning remains faithful to the target language.
I also offer voiceover services and although I have only completed one project in this, I would like to also like to continue in this type of work.

Turkish Interpreter and Translation fields I specialise in

I have interpreted for the British council at a variety of educational fairs in Istanbul. On a less professional level, I translate for non-Turkish speaking friends in every day situations such as hospital visits etc
Translate Turkish TV, banner, and print records into English. This included advertisements from the cosmetic, food and beverage, and the financial sector. Provide Turkish/English translation services of written documents for a variety of Art and Culture magazines. Translate from Turkish into English marketing materials. Translate from Turkish/English legal documents. Provide Turkish/English translations for legal documents (birth/marriage certificates, Turkish identity documents). Transcribe interview recordings from Turkish to English and English/English.

Portfolio: Some of the clients I worked with.

I graduated from Nottingham Trent University, after completing my Honors BA in Humanities, I completed a certificate in TEFL from the University of Cambridge. I received an MA in Translation Studies (Turkish/English) from the University of Manchester, hence I am a qualified Turkish linguist. Since that time I have been working as a full-time teacher of English and as a part-time freelance translator. My passion is translation in all sectors, but law is something I would like to both work as a translator and interpreter. For this reason I am now going to attend courses focusing on the spoken word as well as the written word.

Professional Affiliations To Translator and Interpreting bodies

Although not a member yet, I will be joining the British Institute of Chartered Linguistics.

Reviews about my Turkish Interpreter and Turkish Conference Interpreter services

Lisa Scholter worked as a part-time freelance Turkish language translator for our Ebiquity Chicago office, and translated for us from October 2012 to 2014. Our company, Ebiquity, is a competitive data intelligence company that collects advertising from all over the world for our clients. The advertising we gather is translated into English for our clients, and Lisa translates primarily print advertisements from Turkish into English. She has also translated TV advertisements into English for our company. She translated approximately 92,000 Turkish to English words for us. Drawing from her extensive knowledge of the Turkish language as well as cultural experience, Lisa provides a wide variety of translations for advertisements including cosmetic, financial, and beverage advertisements.

Lisa has worked on several English to Turkish translation projects with us. For these projects, she translated key words and phrases related to various topics, such as technology, travel, and mobile phone providers and services for clients.

I would highly recommend Lisa Scholter as an English to Turkish and Turkish to English translator. Lisa is accurate, diligent, completes her work in a timely manner, communicates well with us, and we are very pleased with the quality of Lisa’s translation work.
Laurel Noar
Operations Manager