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Our team of Turkish translators specialises in legal, financial, medical & technical translations. Due to their proactive attitude they are always ready to help resolve any issues and flexible to meet any requirements. They are committed to undertaking continual professional development and they abide by professional standards of ethics, conduct and practice



ZIYA | Why Choose Me?

Among 9 years spent in translation market, I am deeply dedicated to work, always in cooperative mood, solution focused, passionate and open for new applications and development. This possible cooperation is a win-win situation, I believe.

About me

Multinational environment allowed me to improve myself in languages as an Turkish translator, having education abroad, travelling a lot enables me to open myself more and more to new cultures, people and environments. I believe that each and every new day is a new page on life, filling this page is all up to you, you can just copy the page of yesterday and paste it to today, you can absolutely do 180 contrary of what happened yesterday, you can feel each and every second passes from your lifespan which you can say at the end, it worths to this!
Ambition, team-work, researcher profile, open to innovation, sociality addict, sportscoholic, bookworm, movie-sensei.

My Education as Turkish Translator

M.Sc Geological Engineering, Business Administration
I am about to issue my graduation thesis on Geological Engineering, upon completion of it, will resume my academical career with PhD degree.
• English Training, 2008, Ankara University, School of Foreign Languages
• Leadership Training, 2009, Thomas Liderlik Eğitimi
• Erasmus Student Exchange Program, 2010-2011, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
• Portuguese Education, 2011, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
• Basic Psychology Training, 2012, Psikologlar ve Psikiyatrlar Derneği
• Stress and Stress Management Methods Training 2012, SertifikaPress
• Quality Management Training, 2013, SertifikaPress
• Italian Education, 2013 SertifikaPress
• Autocad Training, Gazi University
• Presente, Anchor and Diction Training Gazi University
• Spanish Education, SertifikaPress
• Russian Education, SertifikaPress
• Defensive Off – Road Driving Training, Argos Off Road
• First Aid Training, CanSa Egitim
• Professional Field Walking Training, Kuzey Dagcilik
• CSL Health and Safety Training, Teck Resources Ltd.

Services I offer as Turkish Translator

Turkish Translation services, Turkish localization services, Turkish proof-reading services, Turkish subtitling services, Turkish editing Services
Turkish Interpreting services and Turkish Conference interpreting services from specialised Turkish Interpreters
Personal instructor in foreign languages, carving hobby, extreme sports.

Turkish Translation and Interpreting fields I specialise in

Business, marketing, social media, sports, engineering, travelling, construction, energy, legal, medicine, finance, administration

Reviews about my Turkish Translation services

Moravia, Facebook, Panasonic, Sony, Paramoutn Inc, Comtranslations, Sferastudios and money other.

Sworn translation in English, Portuguese languages.

new2EDA | Why Choose Me?

I am an English Language Graduate, I have also studied Spanish Language and Culture at the University of East London . My mother tongue language is Turkish and I can fluently speak, read and write in Turkish and English. I also have an average level of Spanish .


Although I am not fully proficient in Spanish I am working on it by reading books and listening to audio. Equally I am constantly reading new books, journal articles, blogs, magazines, newspapers and I am doing research on the languages that I am exposed to , to improve my language proficiency. I also use social media and technology on a regular basis to stay up to date with information.

I am currently doing Turkish translations for Deep Green Resistance, I have been doing translations for them since the 24th of July 2016 and I am still continuing to do so . Additionally, I have done Turkish translations for a professional photographer, I have done translations for Khan Academy and I have also helped out university students by interpreting/ translating reports, essays, dissertations, notes and blog articles from Turkish to English and from English to Turkish. In the same manner, I am keen and eager to do more and more Turkish translations and I do not get tired or I do not complain. I submit every work on time or I submit it earlier/well in advance. Similarly, I am organised and I work at a fast pace.

About me

I am an optimistic person that can adapt to every environment that I go into. I can work well within a group and I can also work independently.  Equally, I always try my best to put 100% into everything I do . For example in education and in work situations I am always ready and steady ,I always have the right stationery, books and other useful materials that are necessary or needed for that atmosphere . Similarly, I can work under pressure and I do not lack when it comes to concentrating which makes everything easier .

Furthermore, I am always passionate about the languages that I know and I visit different parts of London/United Kingdom and Turkey to become more fluent and professional. Similarly, I have also visited Lanzarote which is a Spanish Island last year to gain a deeper awareness and insight about the language, culture and pronunciation and this has been a very valuable and rewarding experience for me.

– Adaptability
– Ambition/ Ambitious
– Caring
– Enthusiastic/ Enthusiasm
– Independent
– Optimistic/ Optimism
– Passionate
– Self- discipline
– Responsibility
– Patience

All of these have helped me during my projects and assignments because every stumbling block or obstacle that I have faced showed me that effort is priceless. As a result, that determination and dedication is a must have in order to move further and forward to become successful. Therefore I always work on my strengths and weaknesses and I do everything possible to not repeat them anywhere.

My Education as Turkish Translator

Triple ICT Diploma ( Oasis Academy Hadley – DDM ( Equivalent to Grades: AAB )
OCR Turkish Language ( Oasis Academy Hadley – C )
General Studies ( Oasis Academy Hadley- B )
BA Honours English Language ( University of East London – 2.2 – 53%)
Spanish Language & Culture ( University of East London – 2.1 – 61%)
The exploration of support strategies for Turkish Bilingual children in a school in the London Borough of Enfield , ED3000 Independent Research Project / Dissertation ( University of East London )

Services I offer as Turkish Translator

Mainly Translating ( Turkish- English / English – Turkish and sometimes English- Spanish )
Editing reports, essays , dissertations, notes and blog articles for university students, friends and other adults
Proofreading reports, essays, dissertations, notes and blog articles
Interpreting ( Turkish- English / English- Turkish )

Turkish Translation and Interpreting fields I specialise in

I do not specialise in legal or medical fields. However I have been doing Turkish translations for the Deep Green Resistance organisation since the 24th of July 2016 , for Khan Academy and for a Professional Photographer. The Turkish translations that I have done for Deep Green Resistance are vast and broad they cover aspects such as Sustainability, Feminist approaches/movements , Sex , Gender, Violence , Overground and Underground Groups, Laws and Regulations , Renewable Energy , Events, Campaigns and Conferences , The Movements from the Past and Present and Further Plans to save the planet. Deep Green Resistance is a feminist anti-civilisation community and activist organisation that is working hard to save the planet. The Turkish translations that I do for Deep Green Resistance is from English to Turkish and some of the documents are short and some of the documents are long. I usually prefer the challenging projects on the platform that many people do not touch or attempt and I am always willing to do more and more translations .

In the same manner the translation that I have done for Khan Academy was about Psychological terms and concepts. I have translated the speech via the video and the video was about Piaget and his models/theories. Correspondingly the Turkish translations that I have done for the professional photographer were short and long . The translations were from Turkish to English and evolved around topics such as : Concept Photography, Wedding Photography, Pregnancy Photography, Photo Books, How Photography was found and information about Photography and so forth.

I have been doing interpreting from Turkish to English and English to Turkish in primary school, secondary school and sixth form.

DSC0036-CopyCANSU | Why Choose Me?

I am a professional, full-time freelance Turkish translator with the working languages English, Turkish and Spanish. I perform very high-quality translations from English into Turkish, Turkish into English and Spanish into English.

About me

I am a professional, bilingual Turkish translator native in English and Turkish and based in the Netherlands with many years of experience in translations. I perform very high-quality translations from English into Turkish, Turkish into English and Spanish into English.

I specialise in the translation of medical, technical, legal, academic, scientific and financial texts. I am an experienced user of Memsource and Trados. I have over 7 years of experience as a translator.

I have been working as a Turkish translator for over 7 years. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting and a second Bachelor’s in Psychology, hence I  qualified Turkish Interpreter and translator. I have carried out the translation of texts in many fields, including technical texts and websites (architecture, advertising, engineering, medicine, scientific disciplines); texts on marketing, law and economics; manuals, handbooks and guides; Psychology and Psychiatry (I also have a degree in Psychology); books, stories and other creative texts; technical books/reference books; formal letters and articles.

I also specialise in the translation of books and publications. I am currently translating a novel. So far, I have translated four technical books on architecture, advertising and history. All four have been published and you can see more information regarding the books I have translated on my portfolio.

I am a quality-oriented Turkish translator specialising in different fields. I am responsive, punctual and responsible and I can provide you translations of high quality.

My Education as Turkish Translator

I have two BA degrees (as valedictorian, high honors student) in Translation and Interpreting and Psychology.
Use of CAT tools and new software, learning Dutch.

Services I offer as Turkish Translator

Turkish Translation services, Turkish Proofreading services, Turkish Editing services

Turkish Translation and Interpreting fields I specialise in

Medical, technical, legal texts. Games, IT material, software and apps.

Reviews about my Turkish Translation services

Reviews on my Turkish translation skills are available on request